Sell ​​equipment, moulds, factory or a precast concrete plant as a ready-made business through GBI-Trade.

GBI-Trade has the ability to realise the sale of your metal moulds and equipment for the production of precast products in the shortest possible time.

At the moment, every day hundreds of enterprises need to buy new molds and equipment for the production of concrete products. We receive from 2 to 5 applications daily.

We offer the implementation of your equipment in two ways:

  • According to the agency scheme. We conclude an agency (dealer) agreement and sell forms at your price list. Agency fee 5-7% of the price list. You sell your equipment directly to a customer and after a successful sale you transfer AB to our account.
  • Under the usual sales contract between us and your company by bank transfer with VAT or in cash. With this option, we have the opportunity to get a 5-7% discount from the price list.

We are also ready to receive applications for used metal molds from your company, transferring to your account 3-5% of the agency fee under the concluded supply contracts.

At the moment we have an offer of more than 100 precast concrete factories throughout the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan, and the whole world.

You can also send a request for the sale of the entire precast concrete plant, as an operating (ready-made) business.

If you have precast battery mould, pallet circulation system, tilting table, reinforcement machines, hollow core slab system or other precast equipment you can leave an application for their selling here.

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