Battery mold (used, second-hand battery mould) for precast concrete wall and floor elements

Battery moulds are designed for the vertical manufacture of single layer, large area reinforced precast elements of varying dimensions. They consist of bulkheads between which several concrete products can be simultaneously formed. The number of bulkheads determines the number of pouring bays – variably adjustable to suit the desired production capacity. The bulkhead groups are confined by the tensioning walls with integrated hydraulic clamping units. These walls clamp the entire group during production. Vibrators are fitted to the bulkheads to assure the effectiveness of the freshly poured concrete when compacted. Battery moulds can be supplied in customized sizes, number of pouring bays and as single or double battery moulds.

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Cassette installations for the manufacture of interior panels for house building, floor slabs, staircases and landings:

  • «СМЖ» series of Russian production::

СМЖ 253 sheet 8000х3760 mm.

СМЖ-3302 sheet 8000х3300 mm.

СМЖ-3312  sheet 6800х3300 mm.

СМЖ-3322 sheet 6800х3300 mm.

СМЖ-7412/1 sheet 6500Х3300 mm.

  • Elematic sheet 8 * 3,030 m, (for 8 products), made in Finland, location — Russia.
  • TECHNOPLAN A16157 sheet 9.00 x 2.80m (for 17 products, 9 compartments with a size of 9.00 x 2.80m and 8 compartments with a size of 6.50 x 2.80m), located in Germany:

17 Compartments, thereof
9 Compartments measure 9.00 x 2.80m 8 Compartments measure 6.50 x 2.80m

— Frequenzy controlled Vibration from WACKER
— Stationary Mold-panel with hydraulic bracing
— Movable termination panel with slanting gear
— Movable intermediate panels with slanting gear — Mold panel sheet thickness is 8mm

— Built in Tension hydraulics
— including formwork equipment for doors and windows

Usable for the production of Solid Walls in thickness 10cm — 25cm Lay-outspace requirement approx. 20m x 11m

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